A new threat: Kids do get COVID-19, especially Latinos

It turns out children can and do get coronavirus. 

Kids account for 10% of all COVID-19 infections in California—including three minors who have died.

Among children who have been infected, Latino children have the highest rates. The figures mirror the high numbers among Latino adults, who have the state’s highest infection rate of those 18 and over. Experts say many are essential workers or are living in tight quarters with other family members, where it is hard to isolate if someone gets sick. 

As the number of cases among kids has risen — in July, children made up  8% of the cases — so has concern that a serious multi-inflammatory syndrome found in children has been traced to coronavirus.  Kids are coming down with fever, rash, abdominal pain and inflammation that could, if not treated quickly, damage their heart and major organs. So far, 80 cases have been reported  in the state, according to the Department of Public Health.

Little information has been released about the three minors who have died. Of the three, two were teenagers, one in the Central Valley and one in Orange County. The age and county of the third is unknown. According to state health department statistics, two of the youth who died were Latino and one was Asian.