A little help from California

A significant number of California’s children rely on state support programs for food, health care and cash for rent and other costs of living.

The state’s Medi-Cal health program serves as a safety net for more than a third of California’s low-income kids, including those who are undocumented immigrants.

Medi-Cal, known as Medicaid nationally, provides free or affordable health care coverage to qualifying families and individuals based on income. To be eligible, a child must receive other aid such as CalFresh (California’s food stamps program) or be in a household that earns 138% below the federal poverty level. A family of four would qualify for Medi-Cal with an annual income of below $36,156.

Cash and food stamp programs round out the trifecta of social services that many California families rely on to take care of their children. Eligibility for both is based on income.