Who else is opposed?

Business groups and insurance companies, including Blue Cross, the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Taxpayers Association, objected to last year’s proposal, which was introduced by state Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Democrat from Bell Gardens.

Kaiser Permanente lobbied against Lara’s bill, saying it supports the idea of universal coverage but arguing that a single-payer system makes false promises, such as no out-of-pocket costs. “The level of payroll deductions, taxes and fees that would be necessary to finance such a system is mind-boggling,” the company wrote to the Legislature.

This year a new coalition of doctors, dentists and other health care providers emerged to oppose Lara’s plan. The group argues that the ACA is successful in California, and the focus should be on reaching and enrolling the remaining 2 million-3 million uninsured residents, many of whom are undocumented.