Would people living here illegally be covered in a single-payer system?

Lawmakers who back the single-payer concept want to cover all residents, including the undocumented who account for about halfof California’s uninsured. Those already enrolled in Medi-Cal, employer health plans or the Covered California insurance exchange would be rolled into the new system.

Currently, undocumented youths with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, called “dreamers,” qualify for Medi-Cal and other insurance options. Some undocumented children are also eligible for Medi-Cal. Although Medi-Cal is not available to undocumented adults, they may have insurance through their employers or Covered California. Some legislators propose that the state admit all undocumented residents to public insurance programs. But previous attempts to achieve that have failed, and prospects going forward are uncertain.