Who makes more—public or private workers?

The average wage of a state employee is $67,601, a city worker makes $65,069 and a county worker makes $64,779. That’s compared to $56,840 for the average worker in California.

The controller’s office makes public pay available online so you can check what your city manager or sanitation worker is taking home each year. The website provides information on employee pay and benefits for roughly 2 million positions at more than 5,000 government entities.

The state has also looked at peer-to-peer wages.

The California Department of Human Resources, which is responsible for negotiating state salaries and benefits, found in 2014 that the state pays its workers above market rates in 30 out of 47 occupations, including cooks, psychiatrists, dental assistants, graphic designers and office clerks.

State compensation was below market in 17 occupations such as computer systems analysts, software developers, lawyers and legal secretaries. State police officers were paid less when compared to local police.

When adding in health and retirement benefits, federal data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest government employers across the country pay better overall.