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Joe Patterson


Assembly Republican

District 5, Granite Bay

Time in office

Assembly: 2022—Present


City Councilman / Businessman

This legislator leads on...

Housing Issues

Campaign contributions

Assemblymember Joe Patterson has taken at least $117,000 from the General Business sector since he was elected to the legislature. That represents 20% of his total campaign contributions.

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Capitol office

1021 O Street, Suite 4530
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0005; (916) 319-2005

District office(s)

8799-A Auburn Folsom Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746; (916) 774-4430

Biographical information

Birth Place

Napa, CA




Rocklin, CA




June 9, 1982

Identifies as


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How this legislator voted in 2021-2022

This legislator was not in the Legislature last session, so we don’t have enough data on how they vote yet. Check back next year!

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Campaign contributions received by sector

OpenSecrets and CalMatters have categorized campaign contributions to legislators based on the economic sector that the donor represents. Methodology →

This is how much money Joe Patterson has taken from the various sectors since he was elected to the legislature.

Broad sector Amount Percent
General Business
$117,950 $117k 20%
$75,700 $75k 13%
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
$70,665 $70k 12%
$23,175 $23k 4%
Energy & Natural Resources
$22,225 $22k 4%
Government Agencies/Education/Other
$19,800 $19k 3%
$18,800 $18k 3%
Ideology/Single Issue
$15,650 $15k 3%
$15,350 $15k 3%
$13,075 $13k 2%
Candidate Contributions
$10,005 $10k 2%
Communications & Electronics
$8,250 $8k 1%
$6,684 $6k 1%
Unitemized Contributions
$3,974 $3k <1%
Lawyers & Lobbyists
$1,750 $1k <1%
Note: The above percentages might not add up to exactly 100% because we are not displaying any contributions that have not yet been classified.

Committees this legislator serves on

Being on a policy committee means the legislator works on these issues by considering bills relevant to the policy topic. The committee “chair” , chosen by the chamber leader, oversees the discussions of these bills. Members also serve on additional special, select, joint and sub committees, which can be found here.

Aging and Long-Term Care
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Bills involving area agencies on aging, California Department of Aging, long-term supports and services, Older Americans Act, Older Californians Act, senior citizen advocacy activities, the California Senior Legislature, services for seniors in residential and day settings and the California Commission on Aging.
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Oversees Assembly consideration of the annual state budget including oversight of several budget subcommittees.
Business and Professions
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Bills involving new regulatory entities within the Department of Consumer Affairs; elimination of regulatory entities within the DCA; health care professional licensing; Veterinarian licensing; Occupational licensing; Vocational education; Department of General Services; Product labeling
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Bills involving health care, health insurance, Medi-Cal and other public health care programs, mental health licensing of health and health-related professionals, and long-term health care facilities.
Housing and Community Development (Vice Chair)
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Bills involving housing, building standards, developments, eminent domain, farm worker housing, homeless programs, housing discrimination, housing finance, natural disaster assistance and preparedness, land use planning, mobile homes/manufactured housing and rent control.
Privacy and Consumer Protection (Vice Chair)
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Bills involving technology-related issues, consumer protection, personal information, data security, false advertising, charitable solicitations; oversight of the Department of Technology.

How special interest groups rate this legislator

Special interest groups are organizations that advocate on behalf of shared interests, such as protecting the environment. Many interest groups rate politicians on how well their voting records agree with each group's goals. See a selection of these ratings for this legislator. Methodology →

This legislator was not in the Legislature last session, so special interest groups have not rated them recently. Check back next year!

Sponsored travel in 2022

Gifts reported in 2022

Assembly District 5 demographics

Assembly District 5 map

Safe Republican district

Next election: 2024

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Voter registration

No party

Census data on race/ethnicity, household income, age, poverty rate, and education level will be provided when available.

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Most recent election

2022 General

Joe Patterson


Rebecca L Chenoweth


CalMatters coverage about this legislator

Five hours in the California fentanyl crisis

By Lynn La, May 25, 2023

California reparations panel says millions owed for slavery

By Lynn La, May 8, 2023

California legislators put crime front and center

By Lynn La, April 18, 2023

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Other legislators

Here are any other legislators from Assembly District 5 we have profiles for since CalMatters launched the Legislator Tracker in 2021.

Roger Niello

Roger Niello (currently in office)

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