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Kevin Kiley


Assembly Republican

District 6

Time in office

Assembly: 2016-2022


Deputy Attorney General


Legislator is no longer in office. This page is for archival purposes. It reflects the last district this legislator represented when they were in office.

Biographical information

Birth Place

Sacramento, CA






January 30, 1985

Identifies as


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CalMatters coverage about this legislator

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By Lynn La, May 8, 2023

What will Gavin Newsom roll out on his California tour?

By Lynn La, March 16, 2023

Gas prices, campaign $$ database shake up Capitol

By Emily Hoeven, November 30, 2022

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Other legislators

Here are any other legislators from Assembly District 6 we have profiles for since CalMatters launched the Legislator Tracker in 2021.

Kevin McCarty

Kevin McCarty (currently in office)

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