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Inside Cal Fire’s mental health epidemic

A smoldering crisis has emerged at California’s firefighting agency, Cal Fire.  As blazes intensify and California’s fire season grows longer, firefighters are increasingly fatigued, traumatized and overworked. In her stunning five-month investigation Trial by Fire, CalMatters reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Julie Cart uncovers a severe and unaddressed mental health crisis at Cal Fire.  Despite […]

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In California for years, but still can’t qualify for in-state tuition

California exempts many undocumented students from paying non-resident tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities. But gaps in the law mean that some undocumented students and visa holders still don’t get exemptions — even if they’ve lived in the state for more than a decade. Two bills pending in the state Legislature would make it easier to qualify.

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¿Pueden los republicanos de California volver a ganar en todo el estado?

En resumen Los republicanos de California se reúnen en su convención estatal con la esperanza de ganar un cargo estatal por primera vez desde 2006 y ayudar al Partido Republicano a retomar el control del Congreso. Pero las divisiones entre facciones pro-Trump, conservadoras y tradicionales eran difíciles de ignorar. Read this article in English.    No muchos […]