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Cell phones, Juul, pregnancy, and Lou Holtz’s leadership lesson

Good morning, California. “We can’t have two Californias.”—Lenny Mendonca, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s chief economic and business adviser, to the Washington Post’s Scott Wilson for a story about booming Bakersfield’s cool side. Bakersfield Sound fans knew it all along. What’s ahead for your phone California is about to take center stage in the proposed $26.5 billion […]

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Industry aims to extinguish bills that would make California first state to ban flavored tobacco

As legislation to outlaw the sale of flavored-tobacco products flounders in the California Legislature, health advocates blame the influence the tobacco industry has with key state lawmakers. Vaping has skyrocketed among middle and high schoolers, many of whom are attracted by the sweet flavors. E-cigarette manufacturers such as Juul Labs in San Francisco say their products are intended only for adults and help them quit traditional cigarettes.