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  2. Start each morning informed
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  2. We’ll explain the issues affecting your California community.

State Assembly Hot Races – Voter Guide 2022

State Assembly Hot Races Get a daily digest of California news The general election for the California Assembly will take place on Nov. 8, 2022. Voters in each of the 80 districts will elect one Assemblymember to represent them. Show All Districts District 7 The district This district encompasses the suburbs surrounding Sacramento, following the […]

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Five hours in the California fentanyl crisis

On an average day in California, about 18 people die due to overdoses from fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. That works out to nearly four people every five hours. In that same five-hour period, legislators on Wednesday heard the sad account of a grieving mother, analyses from local officials and researchers and even one admission […]

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Showdown on California fentanyl bills

During a dramatic hearing Thursday at the state Capitol, seven fentanyl measures finally received a verdict: Four bills passed, but the two most sweeping failed and a third was put on hold. Watching closely: Grieving families who lost loved ones to fentanyl poisoning, recovering addicts and advocates for criminal justice reform. To get inside the […]

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After Monterey Park, more gun safety talk

Yet another mass shooting, and another reprise of a tragically familiar refrain. After the massacre late Saturday night at Monterey Park’s Star Ballroom Dance Studio that left 10 dead and 10 others hospitalized, on Sunday one politician after another, including President Biden, expressed sorrow and offered condolences. (An 11th person died Monday.) A few quickly […]