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Newsom is running out of time

Good morning, California. It’s Thursday, October 7. Big decisions await T-minus three days. That’s how much time Gov. Gavin Newsom has left to decide the fate of the remaining bills on his desk — and as the deadline draws nearer, the buildup for big-ticket and contentious proposals is getting more intense.  The direct impact of […]

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Fighting fire with fire

Good morning, California. It’s Tuesday, September 21. Big 2022 campaign issue Fires move fast, but politicians move faster. Early Monday, Assemblymember Marc Levine of San Rafael announced plans to challenge fellow Democrat and State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara in 2022, charging that Lara hasn’t done enough to prevent Californians living in fire-prone areas from losing […]

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Public safety debate reignites

Good morning, California. It’s Thursday, May 27. Surge in gun violence A Wednesday mass shooting at a San Jose rail yard that left nine people dead, including the gunman, has revived what seems to be an endless cycle: calls for immediate action that eventually peter out until the next crisis hits. President Joe Biden, condemning […]

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Glitchy tech systems impede pandemic response

Good morning, California. It’s Wednesday, August 5. State, counties underreporting cases California’s glitchy tech systems strike again. Both the state and counties have been underreporting coronavirus cases and positivity rates due to data “getting stuck” in California’s disease reporting system, Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state’s health and human services secretary, said Tuesday. Ghaly: “We’ve discovered […]