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U.S. House Hot Races – Voter Guide 2022

U.S. House Hot Races Get a daily digest of California news The general election for California’s seats in the U.S. House of Representatives will take place on Nov. 8, 2022. Voters will elect members from 52 congressional districts to represent the Golden State. Show All Districts District 3 The district Roughly the size of West […]

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Key COVID relief to expire: Advocates warn of ‘eviction tsunami’

CalMatters is dedicated to explaining how state government impacts our lives. Your support helps us produce journalism that makes a difference. Donate now. A key deadline in California’s pandemic response is looming: March 31 is the last day for residents to apply to the state’s COVID rent relief program. Starting April 1, landlords can move to evict […]

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¿Cuánto cambiará el poder político con la redistribución de distritos en California?

EN RESUMEN La comisión de redistribución de distritos de los ciudadanos de California está diseñada para no ser partidista, pero sus mapas legislativos y legislativos finales podrían cambiar la política de los partidos. Esta semana, la comisión está revisando muchos comentarios públicos y considerando posibles cambios. Read this article in English. La redistribución de distritos no […]