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Posted inEconomy

Rains cause severe road damage as legislature approves costly repair plan

The legislature’s approval Thursday of a $52 billion road repair plan couldn’t come too soon for rain-battered streets and highways that have already suffered severe damage this year. Since the beginning of the year, California’s state highway system has been buffeted with more than 400 sinkholes, downed trees, and mudslides. Caltrans puts the price tag […]

Posted inEnvironment, Immigration, Politics, Poverty

Urgent appeal: California Democrats to invoke new anti-Trump weapon

As they suit up for battle against the Trump administration, Democrats who dominate California’s Legislature vow to unleash one of the superpowers of holding a supermajority: the ability to enact laws immediately.An underplayed consequence of the fact that they won two-thirds of the seats in both houses last month is that—if they stick together—California Democrats […]

Posted inClimate Change, Environment, Politics

Oil money flows for black and Latino Democrats

It’s not often that interest groups call out public officials by their race, but as environmentalists evaluated state lawmakers’ voting records last year, that is just what they did. Black and Latino Democrats “must do better” to buck the interests of the petroleum industry and help the communities they represent, the California Environmental Justice Alliance […]