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Podcast: A closer look at the competing interests of California’s housing crisis

Housing is one of California’s most complex and persistent problems, and the pandemic has only made it worse. CalMatters’ housing reporter and “Gimme Shelter” podcast host, Manuela Tobias joins the podcast to talk about the complicated and often conflicting political interests between legislators, regardless of their party lines, and key powerful interest groups: realtors, developers, […]

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¿Es la falta de vivienda el punto débil de Newsom durante el proceso de destitución? Los republicanos piensan que sí

Read this article in English.   En resumen Los que proponen la destitución del gobernador de California ven a Newsom como vulnerable en este tema, pero algunos expertos y defensores dicen que sus ideas podrían empeorar la vida de las personas sin hogar. El proceso de destitución de Gavin Newsom puede haber cobrado impulso como un referéndum […]

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Cities crack down on homeless encampments

Good morning, California. It’s Thursday, July 1. Pandemic’s unequal toll Today, thousands of California families could have been at risk of losing their homes had Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature not cobbled together a last-minute extension of the state’s eviction moratorium. But even with those protections in place, sheriff’s departments locked out at least […]

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Public safety debate reignites

Good morning, California. It’s Thursday, May 27. Surge in gun violence A Wednesday mass shooting at a San Jose rail yard that left nine people dead, including the gunman, has revived what seems to be an endless cycle: calls for immediate action that eventually peter out until the next crisis hits. President Joe Biden, condemning […]

Staying Sheltered

Lea esto en español. “We’re all in the same boat. Actually, there’s no boat. I should say we’re all drowning together.” Aleida Ramirez lost all her work at the start of the coronavirus shutdown. After using up her entire savings to keep her daughter and nephew sheltered, she missed rent for the first time in […]

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Watch: The food supply chain breakdown

The coronavirus has forced the entire world into disarray, but the food industry in particular. With restaurants closing or reshaping business models around slimmed-down take-out menus, the dominoes are starting to fall for the farmers who suddenly have nowhere to take their food. And, at the same time, as more people find themselves out of […]