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Posted inCommentary

California-Mexico relations are strong. This bill can help make them stronger

Jerry Sanders and Alfredo Pedroza, San Diego Chamber of Commerce: Gov. Gavin Newsom can help improve that vital relationship by signing Senate Bill 558. It’s a bill that will grant official recognition to the importance of our close proximity and shared values, which have resulted in one of the strongest economic, cultural, and social regions in the world.

Posted inPolitics

As more Californians borrow at shockingly high interest rates, will state crack down on ‘predatory lending’?

Loans of less than $10,000 with rates of over 100% have swelled to nearly one-third of California’s non-bank consumer lending market. Consumer advocates say that lenders are profiting off of borrowers’ desperation or lack of financial sophistication, and often make a bad situation worse. The lenders say the charge up to 200% to cover the risks they incur. The Legislature is considering a bill to cap the interest rate for such “small dollar” loans.