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Los legisladores de California quieren reducir los cargos por pagos atrasados ​​que agregan cientos de dólares a las multas de tránsito

En resumen Una multa de $300 que los tribunales de California imponen al tráfico y las citaciones menores pueden hacer que el costo de una multa se dispare. El gobernador Gavin Newsom quiere reducirlo a la mitad, pero los legisladores quieren que desaparezca. Read this article in English.    California está lista este año para realizar cambios […]

State Assembly Hot Races – Voter Guide 2022

State Assembly Hot Races Get a daily digest of California news The general election for the California Assembly will take place on Nov. 8, 2022. Voters in each of the 80 districts will elect one Assemblymember to represent them. Show All Districts District 7 The district This district encompasses the suburbs surrounding Sacramento, following the […]

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A California labor law that lets workers sue on the state’s behalf faces its toughest test

A pending U.S. Supreme Court ruling could hollow out a California law that lets employees collectively sue their employers over workplace law violations. Thousands of workers have used the law to address workplace issues, sometimes winning large settlements and changing company policies. But critics say the law mostly benefits the private attorneys doing the suing.