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Disaster planning in nursing homes: The questions to ask your loved one’s facility

This guide is part of our “Older and overlooked” series on the danger wildfires pose to California’s older population, especially during COVID-19. Skip straight to: How to research a care home The questions experts recommend asking The coronavirus pandemic is a sudden, new threat to assisted living and skilled nursing homes — and those facilities […]

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Nursing homes weren’t ready for a pandemic. They’re not ready for wildfire, either

When the ominous beep of an emergency alert roused Mark and Kathy Allen out of bed in Sebastopol on Oct. 9, 2017, the Tubbs Fire was heading toward Santa Rosa.  So the Allens did too. They knew the assisted living facility where Mark’s mother lived was in the path of fast-moving flames. They sped toward […]

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Who’s watching now? COVID-19 cases swell in nursing homes with poor track records

Lee este artículo en español. Long before the coronavirus began sickening Kingston Healthcare Center’s residents and staff, state and federal officials knew the Bakersfield nursing home had serious problems. During multiple visits last year, state inspectors identified 85 violations at the home, including failure to provide dental care to a resident with rotten teeth, allowing pressure […]

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Watch: How nursing homes need to change

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, residents at nursing homes are at the highest risk of being impacted by the coronavirus. Despite taking precautionary measures, these facilities have accounted for nearly half of all deaths related to COVID-19 in California, and data released by the state suggests there have been many more outbreaks […]