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Crises collide as fires rage

Disasters abound in California right now. Fires raging across the state have forced thousands to evacuate, put a severe strain on firefighting crews, and contributed to poor air quality amid a scorching heat wave that led to blackouts. Oh, and there’s also the global pandemic. Lightning struck California more than 10,849 times in the last […]

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Pressure mounts on Newsom for reopening plan

Good morning, California. It’s Wednesday, August 19. Cases, hospitalizations, deaths decline Pressure is building on Gov. Gavin Newsom to figure out a reopening plan after San Diego, California’s second-largest county, fell off the state’s coronavirus watch list Tuesday and hospitalizations, case rates and deaths continue to decline statewide. The news came a few days after […]

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Bigger blackouts ahead

Good morning, California. It’s Tuesday, August 18. Newsom orders investigation Millions of Californians should expect rolling blackouts through Wednesday night — and they’ll likely last hours longer than those over the weekend, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday. Newsom said the state anticipates being 4,400 megawatts short of Monday’s energy needs. One megawatt can power up […]

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The weekend: blackouts, lightning, fire tornado — and first shutoffs in 20 years

2020 just keeps getting better. As many as 2 million Californians experienced one-hour blackouts on Friday and Saturday nights as the state triggered rolling power outages for the first time in nearly two decades amid a record-breaking heat wave. The sky-high temperatures, paired with gusty winds and dry conditions, exacerbated fires across the state, contributed […]

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Newsom loses more top staff

Gov. Gavin Newsom is losing more top aides — including Anthony Williams, his main liaison with the state Legislature — as his administration struggles to control the coronavirus pandemic and rebuild a crumbling economy. The news of Williams’ departure and that of two other administration staff comes days after the Sunday resignation of the director […]

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Uber, Lyft lose first battle to CA

Good morning, California. It’s Tuesday, August 11. But war rages on The California vs. Uber/Lyft war is far from over — but Big Tech lost the first battle. A San Francisco Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction Monday requiring the gig-economy companies to reclassify their drivers as full-fledged employees entitled to minimum wage, unemployment […]