Today is GivingTuesday, an exciting opportunity for you to support CalMatters. I’m looking back at our most meaningful work throughout the year, and we could not have done this important nonprofit journalism without our readers, subscribers and members. Thank you for reading and supporting our journalism in 2021.

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Your support can help us cover this important election. Here’s some of the ways our supporters have helped us cover California:

• We tracked the state’s pandemic response and monitored COVID cases on a tracker.

• We brought awareness to the state’s eviction crisis, preventing some evictions and generating community support for people in need.

• We explained the recall election in a comprehensive voter guide.

• We brought accountability and new oversight to nonprofits used by state legislators to raise money outside the bounds of campaign finance laws.

• We dug into data showing a gap in Latino representation on the state’s superior court bench, resulting in the governor launching a judicial mentor program to promote diversity and inclusion.

• We investigated the state’s “broken” licensing process for nursing homes, with one lawmaker saying our reporting “blew the lid off my thinking.” 

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