What are the jobs of the future?

Think supply and demand. The foundation of our economy is evolving from manufacturing to service, for instance. That means an ongoing need for health care, social assistance, and professional, management and educational services.

Solar panel installation, a growth industry.

Within a decade, one out of every five state residents will be seniors. Those aging Californians will require support — mostly from human caretakers. It’s why home health aides, personal care aides and nurse practitioners are among the top 5 fastest-growing occupations in California. Other health and medical professions also will experience growth.

The tech sector also is expected to continue to expand in California. There’s projected demand for software developers, web developers, computer researchers and programmers. Climate change also will continue to be addressed here. The fastest-growing job? Solar panel installers.

Demand, however, will begin to change in other sectors, particularly routine jobs that are most susceptible to automation. These include food services, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, agriculture and retail.