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Will Democrats get another supermajority vote that could raise gas prices?

The California Democratic party’s ‘supermajority’ was mightily tested with the nail-biting passage of a $52 billion transportation package, that will add 12 cents to the price of gasoline. What does that bode for another supermajority vote that could raise gas prices: the reauthorization of the the state’s landmark climate change legislation, cap-and-trade?

Sierra forests turned to brown

California’s high country is a delight in summer, a cool respite from the heat of the state’s lower elevations. That’s especially true in the Sierra Nevada, where a corridor of shade transports...

What is killing California’s trees?

Drought and disease are ravaging one of California’s most precious resources – its trees. Water-starved pines have been infested with beetles, which have killed up to 40 million of...

The Basics of Cap and Trade

What is cap and trade? California’s cap and trade program is a tool for putting a price on pollution, specifically carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, that businesses discharge into the...


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