CalMatters Sacramento Sessions
A panel on clean car revolution at the CalMatters Studio in Sacramento on Aug. 15, 2023. Photo by Rahul Lal for CalMatters

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Started in 2015, CalMatters is a nonprofit nonpartisan digital news organization dedicated to informing Californians about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. Our reach and impact continues to grow each year as more people are drawn to non – partisan news and find our award winning journalism on our digital platforms, partner outlets throughout the state reaching tens of thousands of interested and concerned citizens every day. 

When you become a CalMatters Corporate Sponsor or Advertiser, you’re choosing to support an informed electorate while affiliating your business with our important and award winning work that is read by more than 1 million readers per month. 

CalMatters stands out in a media landscape that is often bloated, biased or from questionable sources. Our digital content has a commitment to quality and integrity that builds unequaled authority, trust and engagement with readers and sponsors. From daily news stories to digital interactives to live events, CalMatters has a reputation of journalistic excellence recognized by numerous awards and accolades.

Advertisers and sponsors benefit from aligning their business with CalMatters and reaching a highly informed and engaged audience on the cutting edge of news and politics for the state of California. We offer a variety of marketing opportunities that deliver effective, uncluttered visibility for sponsors on our website, newsletters and events that reach a highly engaged readership of educated decision makers and influencers who choose CalMatter’s content to stay informed. 

CalMatters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded by donors, members, and corporate advertisers and sponsors. Our financial supporters play no role in guiding the journalism or events produced by CalMatters.


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CalMatters readers are informed about key issues and are concerned about their states policies and politics. They are a growing community of highly informed, engaged and active forward-thinking business people, legislators, policy leaders and citizens of California. They are changemakers, political junkies and financial contributors drawn to our quality non partisan award-winning content available at no charge across CalMatters website, newsletters, social media and events  and over 250 media partner outlets across the state.

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Average monthly pageviews

140,000 subscribers

WhatMatters newsletter

30% average open rate

WhatMatters newsletter

Sessions by region

Out of State28%

Users by gender


Sessions by device


Website traffic sources

Organic Search59%



Top Markets in California by user sessions

Los Angeles Area42%
San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose23%
Sacramento – Stockton – Modesto14%
San Diego8%
Fresno – Visalia3.2%
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Advertising on CalMatters website and email newsletters is a highly effective way to expand your brand’s reach to a qualified audience while maintaining a degree of control over your exposure, your target audience, your brand’s message environment and your campaign goals. Many advertisers repeatedly tell us that CalMatters is one of the most effective ways to invest their marketing dollars.

Website is the heartbeat of California news and information. Averaging 1.3 million visitors per month who stay informed by reading our award winning news, stories and research. Banner ads are available on the home page and article pages, our most highly trafficked sections.


Sponsors reach our most loyal and passionate followers with our newsletters. Carefully placed ads in each newsletter provide a clean uncluttered reader experience and a maximum share of mind for each advertisement. 


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CalMatters is launching new editorial events building from a history of producing impactful live journalism events that promote civic engagement and democracy throughout California. Each live public event offers a unique opportunity for corporate sponsors that support our work, value in person experiences and targeted brand visibility to qualified audiences.

Sacramento Sessions

A regular series of in-person conversations featuring prominent elected officials and other newsmakers at the CalMatters Studio near the State Capitol in downtown Sacramento. Topics cover the most pressing issues facing the state, and questions related to these are a constant throughout the series. The series attracts Capitol insiders, including lobbyists, downtown professionals and the media. Sacramento Sessions events are in-person and live streamed and available on our website.

CalMatters Live

A series of curated events across the state featuring locally relevant, thought provoking discussions about state policy and statewide issues that directly relate to the local community. Participants include legislators and local decision-makers in their own communities, unscripted, and conclude with a Q&A for audience participation. Cities include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno and Sacramento.

CalMatters Ideas Festival: 

The inaugural Ideas Festival in Sacramento in May 2024 will bring together important statesmen, policymakers, thought leaders and journalists from a wide variety of disciplines to discuss the topics most relevant to the citizens of California. Modeled on The Texas Tribune Festival and inspired by the Aspen Ideas Festival and The New Yorker Festival, this event will offer Californians exciting days of public events and dialogue. Keynotes, interviews, lectures, debates and panel discussions will explore the major issues of the day.

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