An expensive standstill

In Congress, after months of campaigning and more than $340 million spent, it appears that California Democrats and Republicans fought themselves to a standstill, with neither side unseating any of the opposing party’s vulnerable incumbents. That includes Orange County’s Katie Porter and San Diego’s Mike Levin on the Democratic side, as well as Southern California Republicans Mike Garcia, Michelle Steel, Young Kim and Ken Calvert. All will be returning to Congress.

All of that adds up to a big, monumentally expensive near wash. Republicans currently have 11 U.S. House seats in California. After this election, they’re on track to have 12, though the Modesto contest between Democratic Assemblymember Adam Gray and Republican farmer John Duarte is still too close to call.

Another undecided nailbiter: The race in Bakersfield between GOP Rep. David Valadao and Democratic Assemblymember Rudy Salas.

Democrats are in line to be down at least one seat — from 42 to 41 — but that’s because the state was docked a congressional seat after the most recent Census.