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This is just the latest evidence of the value provided by CalMatters’ partnerships that bring the newsroom’s high quality journalism to people across TV news programs, radio stations and newspapers.

CalMatters has its first Emmy award thanks to an innovative partnership with CBS Sacramento.

The CalMatters-CBS collaboration, “Trial by Fire,” was awarded an Emmy this month by the Northern California chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The Emmy trophy that CBS and CalMatters recently won at the 2022-2023 Northern California Area Emmy Awards Photo courtesy of Julie Watts. Photo courtesy of Julie Watts
The Emmy trophy that CBS and CalMatters won in the 2022-23 Northern California Area Emmy Awards. Photo courtesy of Julie Watts

The story arose out of CalMatters reporter Julie Cart’s coverage of the devastating effects of endless wildfires on the mental health of California’s firefighters. The coverage, edited by Marla Cone, became the basis for collaborating on a segment by Julie Watts, CBS Sacramento’s investigative reporter.

“This Emmy belongs to Julie Cart, who did incredible, incredible reporting for CalMatters on this piece,” said Watts, accepting the award Saturday.

“I am so grateful to CalMatters. We’ve done a series of collaborations over the past year. If you do not subscribe to the CalMatters’ newsletter you must do it right now. Pull out your phones! Some of the best reporting, the best reporting in the state in my opinion. And I’m so privileged to be able to work with them and so thank you CalMatters, thank you Julie Cart and thank you all of you,” she continued.

CalMatters was also a finalist for another CalMatters/CBS video. “Wage Theft: When Bosses Don’t Pay” was reported by CalMatters’ California Divide reporters Jeanne Kuang, Alejandro Lazo and Lil Kalish with project editor Denise Amos in partnership with CBS’ Watts.

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