High school and middle school teachers from across California attend the Journalism Educator Fellowship at CalMatters in Sacramento on July 10, 2023. Photo by Semantha Norris, CalMatters

CalMatters programs are centered around connecting with serving communities across California. Through our projects featured here, we adapt our content to reach nontraditional news readers, provide opportunities for developing journalists to tell unique stories and build better coverage of the full breadth of California lived experiences. We hope you’ll review our nonprofit newsroom’s programs and that you’ll consider helping to fund this important work.

Youth Journalism

The Youth Journalism Initiative is helping youth become careful consumers and quality producers of news. We recognize that media literacy is key to democratic governance.

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Fast food workers from across California rallied at the state Capitol in Sacramento, urging lawmakers to pass AB 257. Aug. 16, 2022, Photo by Rahul Lal, CalMatters

California Divide

California’s gap between rich and poor is among the largest in the country, and it is widening. We explore how income inequality is reverberating across the state.

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CalMatters for Learning

Funded by the California State Library

A free learning hub for library staff, educators and community organizers. Here you’ll find teaching resources and unique tools to guide conversations in your communities about quality of life issues.

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College Journalism Network

Funded by College Futures Foundation

Covering higher education from the ground up — College Beat is produced by the CalMatters College Journalism Network, a collaboration between CalMatters and student journalists across the state.

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