Watch: A panel discussion on the mental health crisis in California


Vaccination fight heats up in Legislature. Efforts to curb soda use fall flat. San Diego DA calls for mental health reform

Newsom creates homeless task force. Community colleges chief gets a vote of confidence. Chamber of Commerce tries to snuff out new tax.

May snow, Trump vs. California, what just happened with housing, labor pressures on ridesharing, mental health, brawling councilmen and spicy news.

San Francisco bans use of facial-recognition technology. PG&E's new CEO to face lawmakers today. Attorney general sues to stop raising of Shasta Dam.

Stocks slide on trade wars. What a SCOTUS ruling on CA taxes has to do with abortion. Newsom takes health on the road. High-priced lending and heat laws.

An inside look at Californians' tax bills, tech giants face antitrust, privacy scrutiny, retired judges claim age discrimination

Huge budget surplus to benefit schools, Gov. Gavin Newsom vows to fight homelessness, new fees proposed to ensure access to clean water

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