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California's achievement gap needs universal preschool, Hollister Ranch and Martin's Beach brace for battle and de Leon eyes San Francisco's water supply.

California tightens ZEV carpool decals, de León criticizes Feinstein on Kavanaugh letter, gig economy lawsuits, achievement gap, homeless, women on boards.

Boalt Hall, lessons from the Global Climate Action Summit, Newsom and Cox on climate, Denti-Cal, Toni Atkins' UC regent confirmations, and CALmatters wins an Online News Association award.

California pledges to reduce transportation emissions, one in five elderly Californians lives in poverty and political pundits predict a blue wave in California.

FDA's crackdown on e-cigarettes, Global Climate Action Summit opens in SF, Cole Harris' website is hacked by an insider and don't hold your breath for a third party

Global Climate Action Summit opens in SF, Gov. Jerry Brown considers licenses for ex-felons, local governments make moves on rent control and school chief candidates split over school start times.

California sets carbon-free goal, youth football tackle ban back in play, UC campuses among the best colleges and transportation remains an obstacle for low-income Californians.

The spotlight is on climate change in San Francisco, California eyes Delta tunnels, did California get its money's worth on stem cell research and Pelosi remains a powerhouse

California fire costs burn up the budget, environmentalists criticize Jerry Brown on oil, female surfers got pay equity at Mavericks, plus beer and the quiz.

As Facebook and Twitter execs were called on the carpet in Washington, two California bills on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk echoed the calls to regulate Facebook and Twitter.

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