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Kamala Harris won't be the only California angle in 2020. And let the PG&E lobbying begin in Sacramento—just don't expect it to be done by PG&E.

Kamala Harris is running. Also Infant mortality and premature births among African Americans in California, emissions rules, PG&E and LAUSD.

The bankrupcy of California's largest utility is just one wrinkle in the new world of electricity delivery Plus: the surplus, housing and a new GOP leader.

Newsom's first budget, the taxes behind his agenda, prison guards go after Jerry Brown's legacy on justice and Devin Nunes goes to Beverly Hills.

Newsom reveals his budget, Republicans slam Trump on FEMA threats, shutdown could worsen wildfires, CA vs. Big Pharma, DMV reinvention and why tiny toilets matter.

Bankruptcy looms for PG&E, Newsom calls for more wildfire funding, the Montecito mudslides, Kamala Harris preps for 2020 and are legislators really like us?

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