Laurel Rosenhall

Laurel covers California politics for CalMatters, with a focus on power and personalities in the statehouse. Her stories explain political dynamics in the Capitol and examine how money, advocacy and relationships shape the decisions that affect Californians. Laurel also hosts the Force Of Law podcast, which follows California's attempt to reduce police shootings. She joined CalMatters in 2015 after more than a dozen years as a reporter for the Sacramento Bee, where she covered state politics and education. Laurel is a native Californian and holds a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Disaster Days California Public School Closure Database 2002-2019. disaster days, school closures ; R-DESIGN/istock; syntika/istock; MilaArt/istock; NYstudio/istock; AlonzoDesign/istock; bortonia/istock

Disaster Days School Closure Database

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