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A collection of commentaries by Dan Walters over the past week.

Proposed tax dodges could hurt California taxpayers

As Legislature nears adjournment for the year, two bills would counter federal tax reform’s limit on deducting state and local taxes by granting converting some of them into charitable contributions. However, the Internal Revenue Service is warning that such work-arounds would not be allowed.

Rep. Hunter indicted, but still reelection favorite

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter and his wife have been indicted for misusing campaign funds, but his name will still be on the November ballot in the 50th Congressional District and he’s still favored to win re-election. If Duncan resigns after winning, it would set up a special election.

Bail reform bill stretches the 72-hour notice law

The fast-track handling of a controversial bail proposal tests a California law. Passed as a ballot measure in 2016, that law requires a bill to be in print and on the Internet for 72 hours before legislators vote on it.

A ‘low-profile’ revolution’ changes local governments

There’s a “low-profile revolution” is underway in California’s thousands of local governments as lawsuits force more of them to abandon “at-large” voting for members of their governing boards and elect them, instead, from districts. It’s a result of a 2002 law, the California Voting Rights Act, that makes it easier to overturn at-large systems.

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