Weekly Walters 05/31/2019

A new front in battle over gig workers

The battle over California’s “gig economy” is underway in the Legislature and a new front has been opened in the California Public Employees Retirement System.

Secrecy abounds on state budget, major bills

Welcome to Sacramento, where the state budget is written in secret and decisions on important bills are made behind closed doors.

Trump pardon closes book on ‘Shrimpgate’ scandal

Donald Trump closes the book by California’s “Shrimpgate” scandal by pardoning former Assemblyman Pat Nolan.

‘Fungibility’ means there’s no free lunch

“Fungibility,” as applied to politics, means there’s no free lunch despite politicians’ efforts to persuade us otherwise.

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Berkeley, California, USA - October 15, 2016: University of California entrance sign on the corner of Oxford Street and Center Street at Berkeley, California. Over 150 years old, and with many Nobel Prizes winners (they even have reserved parking spots for them), the campus serves almost 40,000 students within an open green space.


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