Bill Tobey, Sacramento

Whatever happened to “buyer beware?” Why is the student attending a for-profit college not responsible for the choices he or she makes. Blaming predator marketing is just a cop-out for students who do not make wise decisions. Common sense says no school can guarantee job placement.
It appears government officials at all levels believes people are too dumb to take care of themselves so government must step in.
The lack of oversight of state-funded colleges and universities for the same issues doesn’t allow us to do a comparison of the quality of education and guarantee of job placement between for-profit and state-funded schools.
The cost of an education at a University of California campus is insane, plus graduation can take 6 years. When will legislators and governor break this complete failure of the state-funded system?
This whole concept that someone else is responsible for the choices people make is a false mercy, which means people are not responsible for their choices so the government must protect them.

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