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In the world we live in there is a huge stigma associated with mental illness, but talking about it will hopefully benefit others who struggle with mental health issues.

By Shereen Walter, Huntington Beach

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Re “I faced a challenge one out of every three people in America has: depression and anxiety”; Commentary, July 7, 2020

I read the commentary by Lenny Mendonca in which he publicly revealed the reason for his resignation as the Chief Economic and Business Advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom through tears. 

I admired his courage in admitting to the world that he was battling a mental health crisis. Because in this world we live in, there is a huge stigma associated with mental illness.  We simply do not talk about it.  But talk about it he did and in a way that hopefully will benefit others who struggle with mental health issues. 

He made clear that this medical illness of his brain was no different than his previous mountain biking injury, not a diagnosis to hide. He wrote about his position of privilege, especially his access to good health insurance.  His path to recovery will not be easy, but I wish him the best and thank him for speaking out for others. 

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