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The interests of oil and gas companies are focused on a sustainable energy future that supports the health of our people.

By Cathy Reheis-Boyd, Sacramento

Cathy Reheis-Boyd is president of the  Western States Petroleum Association.

Re “Lawmakers let oil and gas interests sicken us; Gov. Newsom can put us on the path to recovery”; Commentary, Sept. 14

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Clean air is a priority for everyone, especially the women and men working in oil and gas. The interests of oil and gas companies are focused on a sustainable energy future that supports the health of our people and the environment. We work regularly on improving public health. Allowing the idea stand that men and women in our industry are poisoning and sickening local communities goes against everything we stand and work for. It is also unhelpful to the public discourse and policymaking we need.

We need facts, not hysteria. We’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and collaborating with other science and engineering partners to research new technologies. We are improving air quality with renewable transportation fuels. We are constantly working to ensure compliance and continuous improvement with state agencies charged with producing clean air policies and improved public health requirements.

Now is not the time to fall prey to dangerous myths. California’s future must be shaped by facts, not fears; real science, not emotional propaganda. The only sustainable path forward is one in which our economy, our environment and our sense of social and racial equality are all served by access to safe and sustainable energy.

Our state depends on those with opposing viewpoints to find compromise and shared goals. We want policymakers to remain focused on affordable, reliable and safe energy that will let our economies recover and all residents to get back to work.

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