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California’s leaders are sending mixed messages on our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for buying electric vehicles.

By Felicia Williams, Pasadena

Re “Newsom war on climate change vs. reality”; Commentary, Sept. 15, 2020; and “Five solutions to California’s climate crisis Gov. Newsom should implement … right now“; Commentary, Sept. 16, 2020

As someone who worked on my city’s Climate Action Plan and is pretty familiar with our state’s environmental policies, I think both authors have hit the nail on the head. 

Unfortunately, our Legislature, the Governor, and the California Air Resources Board are sending mixed and confusing messages on our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Transportation represents more than 40% of our emissions, yet the Legislature and the ARB have eliminated the clean air rebate program for repeat purchasers of electric vehicles. It is now limited to one rebate per person, so my next car will probably be a gas car because EV’s have not reached cost parity with combustion engines, and we are nowhere near our state EV target.

How can we get the Legislature to redirect funds from high-speed rail and re-invest the funds in effective consumer programs, like electric vehicles? 

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