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California is in a housing crisis, but the state is not giving homeowners a way to finance the building more dwelling units on their property.

By Rachel Olsen, San Diego

Rachel Olsen is a real estate agent based in San Diego.

Re “Here’s an important part of the solution for the state’s housing crisis”; Commentary, Sept. 3, 2020

William Fulton is spot on with his commentary on what needs to be done to create “middle density” housing.  “Even if the state loosens zoning regulations to permit more duplexes, the private real estate industry doesn’t know how to finance them.”

My husband and I bought property in San Diego two years ago and built an ADU,  Accessory Dwelling Unit, when regulations and requirements were more rigid.  We were able to self-fund, but as we and many others look to build or buy a new house and build for multi-generational family use or as rental income, finance products are not available.  

This stunts the growth of these new incentives to build.  You have the state saying we are in a housing crisis and making each city create new housing by 2025 but not giving homeowners a way to finance it. I see a lot of interest in ADU’s but without the financial support to make it happen, the housing crisis won’t be solved. 

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