By Michael Barr, Los Angeles

Re “California may be losing its business mojo”; Commentary, Dan Walters, Dec. 15, 2020

So, our new business ambassador Dee Dee Myers arrives just as three iconic tech companies leave for Texas. She will need more than luck, though, to slow or reverse more exits. 

Companies departing California – or, yes, even staying here or coming here – study our land uses, worker qualifications and local synergies with suppliers, to name just a few factors. I advised dozens of them for decades – and I even got to help one Texas company stay here by relocating from the Bay Area and Los Angeles to the San Joaquin Valley. They profited from their land sales while gaining a new, modern plant with great employees.

Tesla, Oracle and Hewlett Packard Enterprise could have made similar choices – if our state had only asked them and helped them. 

Myers should add foresight, outreach and diplomacy to luck.

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