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Clearly, there needs to be systemic, long-term interventions in place, and nonprofits can receive funds to help vulnerable populations.

By Marissa Miller, San Jose

Marissa Miller is working on a master’s degree for Social Work at San Jose State University. 

Re “Protect families from homelessness; extend eviction moratorium”; Commentary, May 4, 2021

Thank you for bringing attention to the important issue of evictions and homelessness. It is clear that many are experiencing hardships with the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This past year, I have been interning at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center as a medical social worker; I have worked with an overwhelming number of patients who are experiencing financial stressors and fears of homelessness. Latinx and immigrant families have experienced additional barriers.

Many of those that I work with did not qualify for stimulus checks, rental assistance or unemployment benefits. As mentioned in the oped, the rental assistance programs have complicated application processes and expectations; some patients did not qualify because their name was not on the lease, which has been a common experience amongst this population. 

Clearly, there needs to be systemic, long-term interventions in place. I hope nonprofits can receive funds to ensure they get allocated to these vulnerable populations. Furthermore, I am in favor of extending the eviction moratorium to ensure a realistic period of recovery. 

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