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Without accountability, the employment department’s future does not look bright.

By Ron Weissmann, Elk Grove

Ron Weissmann is a 22-year Air Force veteran and a retired human resources director.

Re “Newsom owes apology for EDD’s failings”; Commentary, Dan Walters, June 9, 2021

Yes, Gov. Newsom does owe a huge apology to those impacted by the debacle at the Employment Development Department.

Sadly though, EDD difficulties predate the pandemic by at least a decade. As a company human resources director in the early 2000s, I called EDD to ask a question. “All of our representatives are busy, but your call is important, so please stay on the line.” After 45 minutes on hold, an automated voice said, “All our representatives are still busy. Please call another time,” and then I was disconnected.

It is clear that EDD’s version of customer service has gotten progressively worse, but what is really disturbing is the apparent lack of accountability by the department’s management. Private-sector management would have been summarily dismissed.

Surely EDD’s inefficiency can be fixed, but one wonders how many decades it will take. Given the sense of urgency it has displayed in the past 18 months, I’m not confident it will be done in my lifetime.

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