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My vote goes to determining the best, large-scale desalination technology and launching projects to help with water supplies.

By Roger L. Miller, Huntington Beach

Roger L. Miller is a retired administrator for Southern California Edison.

Re “How should California spend its big budget surplus?”; Commentary, Dan Walters, Nov. 22, 2021

To answer the question, we should address the single most pressing and potentially catastrophic future issue facing California – water.

My vote goes to determining the best, proven current large-scale desalination technology available today, prioritizing possible facility sites, current and future capacity needs, and evaluating the fiscal, social and environmental costs.

After which, immediately fund, and launch, the approved project.

If done right, it would create lots of California jobs and lots of recycling of our own treasure. It would be the best single investment with highest possible fiscal, social and environmental return on investment to the people of California, and our state neighbors sharing the diminishing Colorado River system.

That will likely burn through our entire $30 billion surplus and maybe more from the Federal purse too; if done right, of course.

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