Send us your questions about college affordability

Calling all students, parents, faculty and other higher ed watchers: CALmatters wants to hear your questions about the cost of college in California.

We’ve been doing a lot of reporting on college affordability, and now we want to hear from you—whether it’s a question about tuition, financial aid, choosing a college, or just why it’s so hard to pay those bills, bills, bills.

Your question could be featured in our upcoming video explainer. Here are some explainers we’ve done over the past year. And here’s how to submit:

Send us a video

  • NO MORE than a 30 second video of you asking your question.
  • Introduce yourself. Students, if you can, show us what school you attend—stand near a college sign or campus landmark, wear a school t-shirt, etc.
  • Make sure we can hear you. If you have an attachable phone mic, please use it. If not, please record in a quiet place.
  • Email your clip to [email protected] by May 15 at 5:00 p.m. Include your name, whether you’re a student, parent, etc. and your campus if applicable.

Don’t want to go on camera? Just email your question to [email protected] or tweet @CALmatters.

Thanks for helping us tell this important story.

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