Gov. Jerry Brown in Rome. AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

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CALmatters goes along as Gov. Jerry Brown takes his climate ‘crusade’ to Europe.

That vacuum you feel? It’s the air being let out of Sacramento: Gov. Brown and a group of legislators are on a two-week trip to Europe, talking about all things climate change and selling the world on California’s approach to greenhouse-gas reduction.

Brown began his trip in Rome, at the Vatican, with a keynote speech at a symposium hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. After that he heads to the U.N. climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, with a hectic, if-it’s-Tuesday-it-must-be-Belgium pace. CALmatters is on the trip, too, and will bring it all to you.

Here’s the rest of the itinerary:

  • Brussels, where Brown will speak at a joint conference of the European Parliament and the European Commission.
  • Stuttgart, to address the Parliament of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.
  • Back to Brussels and the European Parliament, meeting with a committee responsible for climate policy and other officials. Finally, Brown participates in a moderated discussion of renewable energy and climate action hosted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
  • On to Oslo, for a meeting with the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment and a group of international scientists
  • From Nov. 11 to 14, the governor will be in Bonn attending events related to the U.N. conference.

Watch this space!

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