The pandemic has revealed how much our workforce, our students, our healthcare and our economy are dependent on the internet. The profound new experience about business meetings on Zoom and classrooms online has forever changed professional relationships, communication and, for many of us, even where we live. Remarkably, just 14 years after the first iPhone, it’s clear today that social mobility requires high speed broadband. So what must California do to create the electronic infrastructure and universal access that’s necessary for economic prosperity and social mobility?

CalMatters and the Milken Institute hosted a solutions-oriented discussion about how California can achieve these economic development goals on September 21. You can view a recording of the event here.

Equity in Infrastructure Development: The Digital Divide


  • Michael P. Anderson, CEO, Clientworks, Inc
  • Carolun McIntyre, President, California Cable & Telecommunications Association
  • Sunne McPeak, President and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund
  • Alexandra Rosen, Senior Director, GoDaddy

This discussion was moderated by CalMatters reporter Jackie Botts in conversation with policymakers, business leaders, workers and experts.

Please join us for this event in a series of conversations exploring California’s recovery from recession and progress toward an economy centered on equity, mobility and opportunity.

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