Gimme Shelter Podcast: Why rent control died in the Capitol, with Assemblyman David Chiu

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Expanded rent control won’t be coming to your city anytime soon—at least not via the state Legislature. Matt and Liam discuss why the repeal of Costa-Hawkins died at a dramatic Assembly hearing last week. First, Liam flags some other major housing bills you should keep an eye on (2:45). Then, an Avocado of the Week: In the middle of a hearing on rent control, a legislator admits he doesn’t know a key law affecting landlords and tenants (6:40). Matt and Liam then recap the drama of the hearing (9:40), including the charged atmosphere, why certain Democrats voted no, and whether there was a compromise to be had. Then, an in-studio interview (good sound quality!) with Assemblyman David Chiu from San Francisco, head of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee (30:00).

Special thanks to our friends at Capital Public Radio for allowing us to record the interview in their facilities.

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