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CalMatters invited readers who voted in the June primary to share the defining issue that prompted them to cast a ballot.

Tim, Oak Park

CalMatters set out this June primary to answer questions readers have: Where do the candidates stand on critical issues? What are the must-watch races? What issues define this election?

But we also asked our readers a question on social media: What critical issue prompted you to vote in the primary? Here are their answers:

“I voted to save democracy!” – Tim, Oak Park @shelhamer23 (photo at right)

“We need leaders who will help solve the homelessness crisis.” – Sunrise @sunny_d_z

“My district changed and I don’t want to (be) represented by someone who doesn’t believe in abortion.”  – Linda, Redlands @thelindameeyer

“Apathy will be the death of democracy.” – Susan, Upland @rightyo

“We have a housing, homelessness and climate crisis and we need leadership.” – Geordie, Santa Barbara @geoscull

“My local DA race.” – Jamie, Palo Alto @jamienhi

“I want a different governor.” – Alejandra, Vista @alejandra_esco

“I’m tired of all bark, no bite politicians.” – Jessica @jessicakathleen

Katie, Palm Desert

“I voted because change doesn’t just happen at the federal level. Every election is important at the state and local level. My vote is my voice and it matters!” – Katie, Palm Desert @fletch1001 (photo at right)

“It’s my civic responsibility!” – Maddy @madelinesymm

“Local races matter!” – Marin @marincallaway

“I would like our government to address the cost of living.” – LMR, Oakland @fridascloset

“Civic duty.” – Heidi @jamison.h

“It’s the least I can do.” – Shawn, Sacramento @shawnburger

“Inflation.” – Carlos, San Diego @carlosguzzman

“Homelessness demands housing, not cops.” – Kathryn

“I voted because I love CA 💖.” – Melanie, Union City @meeowlanie

“Voting is important and I never miss an election!” – Vanessa @missnessa3

“It is my right and duty.” – Sandra @cmoresunshine16

“I care about making housing affordable for all!” – Aniela, Sacramento @aniela14

“I care who governs us.” – Shauna @oboyleshauna

Junko, @junkojerkey

“I voted because it’s fun and I’ve been voting since I was 18. I’m 38 now! It’s my 20 year voting anniversary!” – Junko @junkojerkey (photo at right)

“Young ppl are the biggest voting bloc + lowest turnout. We’re not represented!” – Rachel @rachrachher

“Board of Education races are on the ballot.” – Spotlight Schools @spotlightschools

“Climate change.” – Chun, San Jose @chuns.wuu

“It’s the most direct way we can shape the future of our counties, our state, and our country.” – Shane, Irvine @shanethewanderer

“I’ve seen how important these roles are during emergencies/wildfire response.” – Justine, Agoura Hills @callmestine

“State issues matter, even in non-presidential years.” – Alex @alkolshorn

“The climate crisis is here and the central valley needs a climate champion.” – Andrew, Fresno @andrewescamilla 

“It’s a privilege 🤟🇺🇸 and we need to start small with our local elections.” – Fernando @fernkenobi

“I’m new to the state and shocked at the number of problems.” – Steffie @steffieg

“SICK OF THE CRIME AND HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS.” – Judith, San Fernando @mrsgarcia1129

“We need single payer healthcare (M4A).” – @_rappture 

“Because quality public education is IMPORTANT and one or two votes can make the difference in these critical local races.” – Megan, Placentia @LonestarJDV

“I’m terrified of Rick Caruso becoming mayor.” – Sarah, Los Angeles @applscruffs

“I voted to elect a new Governor. I want to see real effective leadership in our once beautiful state! I believe that this state can do great things with the right leader at the helm, something that is seriously missing currently.” – Tyler, Palermo @TheCTSmith 

“Everyone should vote when there’s an election. Because voting only when you really WANT to or only when you’re most excited about something specific… is a path to, well, where we are now.” – Stephen @StephenK_510

“Because quality public education is IMPORTANT and one or two votes can make the difference in these critical local races.” – Megan, Placenta @LonestarJDV

“I always vote in Plumas County – CA is in a mess and I’ve found a couple of candidates who actually address issues with proposed solutions (@ShellenbergerMD and @lanheechen). Unlike our current Gov who just wastes our tax dollars and then takes more (gas tax hike coming 7/1!).” – @darwindog96

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