Proposition 12 seeks to require more living space for hens, pigs and calves. Photo by Mark Robinson via Fickr.

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On the November ballot, Californians will vote on Proposition 12, a measure to give farm chickens, pigs, and calves a little bit more space. Learn about the measure in our minute explainer.

Just how big should a chicken cage be? Odds are you haven’t spent too much time considering that question, but this November, you’ll be asked to weigh in as you vote on Proposition 12.

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CALmatters’ video journalist, Byrhonda Lyons, explains how the ballot measure aims to give hens, pigs and calves a little bit more space—and why animal rights groups like the People for the Protection of Animals oppose it anyway.

If you have more than a minute to spare and want to learn more, visit the Proposition 12 page on the CALmatters voter guide, where you can learn about the other 10 measures on the ballot, as well as the candidates running for statewide office, a legislative seat, and Congress.

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