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Follow the ricochets: Those campaign ads may have hidden targets

By Laurel Rosenhall

Why would a group trying to elect Democrats buy ads promoting their Republican opponents to conservative watchers of Fox News? Because California’s election rules have turned normal campaign tactics on their head.

A scaled-back bid to care for undocumented Californians

By David Gorn

A Democratic bid to extend government health coverage to all undocumented, low-income adults in California has been put on hold. Lawmakers now hope to cover at least the seniors and the disabled.

Gimme Shelter podcast: Evictions and tenants’ rights

By Matt Levin

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Is California’s high cost of housing cost scaring off job seekers?

By David Wagner, KPCC

California employers and job recruiters find it tough to lure out-of-state workers at a time when unemployment rates are falling and housing prices are rising.

California Quiz: How well do you know your candidates for governor?

By Byrhonda Lyons

So much to learn about the top contenders vying to run California—and so little time. Who rode in the Goodyear Blimp? Who holds a Guinness World Record? Test your knowledge:

Candidates for California schools’ chief vow to wield more influence—but for what?

By Jessica Calefati

Both frontrunners to be California’s new superintendent of schools say they will transform the post into a more forceful voice for education reform—but their split on charter schools may be decisive in this costly campaign.

Go big or go home: How to run statewide in California when you’re not rich, famous or in office

By Ben Christopher

In California—a massive state with a pricey, fragmented media market and spotty voter participation—sometimes it pays to run a creative, out-of-the-box campaign.

California could cut your high sales tax if it taxed business services. Why that won’t happen—yet

By Antoinette Siu

Some California lawmakers want to create a new business services tax, which they say would allow the state to cut California’s high sales tax to consumers and pull the state’s antiquated tax code into the 21st century. Here’s why it’s a long shot—getting more attention than ever before.

Checking the math on cap and trade, some experts say it’s not adding up

By Julie Cart

As California ramps up its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, experts say the state may not meet its targets. Emissions could soar 30 percent too high in a little more than a decade, state analysts say.

Have you seen a campaign ad on social media?

By Laurel Rosenhall

Is your social media feed filling up with political campaign ads? Our reporter <a href=”https://calmatters.


Is Gavin Newsom helping Donald Trump?

By Dan Morain


Jerry Brown has a promise to keep

By Dan Morain


Trump helps John Cox, for now

By Dan Morain

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Republican John Cox will help in the June primary but not in the fall general election campaign. Don’t count Antonio Villaraigosa out quite yet.

Billionaires’ money helps a most unlikely candidate

By Dan Morain


California’s answer to Texas school shooting

By Dan Morain


Why is Cole Harris spending $2.2 million?

By Dan Morain



Battle over gas-tax hike intensifies

By Dan Walters

The California Republican Party is sponsoring a ballot measure to repeal a $5 billion package of taxes and fees on motorists to improve transportation systems. Gov. Jerry Brown is leading the campaign to preserve an important part of his legacy.

Commentary: Hasty rooftop solar decree could backfire

By Dan Walters

The California Energy Commission has decreed that new homes must have rooftop solar power installations beginning in 2020. However, energy experts warn that the new rules were hastily drafted and could have adverse effects.

CalPERS’ new investment plan – wise or risky?

By Dan Walters

The huge pension fund that covers pensions for California’s state and local government employees is unveiling a new investment strategy. However, the California Public Employees Retirement System has a spotty track record, so there’s reason to be skeptical.

Campaigns try to fool California voters

By Dan Walters

California political campaigns often try to fool voters into supporting candidates and causes they might otherwise not favor. This year’s campaigns include misleading attacks with hidden motives and “slate mailers” that candidates pay for recommendations.

California’s primary vote could be decisive

By Dan Walters

California’s June 5 primary election could be more than decisive than usual. Voters could effectively make Democrat Gavin Newsom the next governor by giving Republican John Cox a second-place finish and could spoil Democratic hopes of making big congressional gains in the state.

CALmatters Blogs

Unpacking the latest polls: Top takeaways for the California primary

By Ben Christopher

With the California primary less than two weeks away, two new polls provide some clues to what voters are thinking.

In race to unseat attorney general, why rival Dave Jones says Becerra doesn’t belong in this courtroom

By Laurel Rosenhall

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is accusing the many who wants to unseat, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, of violating “the very law he is sworn to uphold.” How? By filming campaign commercials inside a courthouse.

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