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A collection of commentaries by Dan Walters over the past week.

CalPERS’ new investment plan – wise or risky?

The huge pension fund that covers pensions for California’s state and local government employees is unveiling a new investment strategy. However, the California Public Employees Retirement System has a spotty track record, so there’s reason to be skeptical.

Campaigns try to fool California voters

California political campaigns often try to fool voters into supporting candidates and causes they might otherwise not favor. This year’s campaigns include misleading attacks with hidden motives and “slate mailers” that candidates pay for recommendations.

California’s primary vote could be decisive

California’s June 5 primary election could be more than decisive than usual. Voters could effectively make Democrat Gavin Newsom the next governor by giving Republican John Cox a second-place finish and could spoil Democratic hopes of making big congressional gains in the state.

Prison inmates are down, but costs still going up

Under pressure from federal courts, California has sharply reduced numbers of inmates in state prisons. However, “corrections” costs are still rising and California is now spending $75,000 per year per inmate.

Dan Walters Commentary Roundup 05/18/2018

A collection of commentaries by Dan Walters over the past week.

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