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Special interests win as lawmakers cut last-minute deals to pull initiatives off your ballot

By Laurel Rosenhall

An optimist might cheer the fact that lawmakers were doing their jobs. Others label it legal extortion.

Gimme Shelter podcast: The rent control war

By Matt Levin

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CALQuiz: More lawsuits against Trump, a new California budget and the homeless crisis

By Trevor Eischen

Do you consider yourself an expert on California news? Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention this week to the big stories on politics and policy in the Golden State.

Brace yourself, Californians: Here are the 12 ballot measures you get to decide in November

By Ben Christopher

After months of signature gathering and legislative wrangling, here’s the final list of propositions that made the cut for the November election.

A walk along Skid Row in Los Angeles—block by bleak block

By Dan Morain

Nowhere is California’s homelessness crisis more evident than here, where some 2,000 people hunker down for the night on sleeping pads, cardboard, or nothing.

Check-up: How health care fares in California’s new spending plan

By Antoinette Siu

California has been a national leader in the effort to expand health care coverage, but some advocates say this year’s state budget marks a step backward in the quest to reduce and ultimately eliminate the number of uninsured people.

Homeless in California—what the data reveals

By Victoria Cabales

As California struggles to confront a crisis of homelessness, these numbers help illuminate the depth and breadth of the problem.

Watch us break down California’s new budget in under 2 minutes

By Byrhonda Lyons

The state’s new budget weighs in at a record-setting $201 billion. Here are the highlights.

Ontario ready to pull out of carbon market, leaving California in limbo

By Julie Cart

California’s cap-and-trade program is under threat by the withdrawal of Ontario from the bi-national carbon-trading market.

Emotional fight over conversion therapy: Should California limit services meant to turn gay people straight?

By Robbie Short

Scientists and LGBTQ groups want California to become the nation’s first state to ban what they see as a harmful, prejudice-driven practice. But First Amendment purists and some religious conservatives argue that would curtail liberty.


Initiatives you won’t and will vote on this November

By Dan Morain

California legislators averted costly initiative wars on privacy, lead paint and soda taxes. But voters will decide daylight savings time and gas tax repeal in November. San Francisco Mayor-elect London Breed urged legislators to expand car for mentally ill homeless people.

Privacy deal comes together; What’s next after Janus

By Dan Morain

California labor worries about the impact of Janus v. AFSCME, but vows to battle on. Privacy initiative funder Alastair Mactaggart agrees to drop his initiative in exchange for broad privacy legislation. Business opposes the bill but sees it as the lesser of two evils.

Struggling over care for mentally ill homeless people

By Dan Morain

California Senate Democrats watered down legislation to expand treatment for mentally ill homeless people. U.S. Supreme Court struck down a California abortion rights bill in NIFLA v Becerra. The ruling will undermine legislation to regulate conversion therapy.

Cannabis’ toll on endangered wildlife

By Dan Morain

Humboldt martens are nearing extinction, in part because of impact of illegal cannabis farms in the redwood forests of the North Coast. Why vets can’t discuss animal cannabis use with pet owners.

Can California regulate faith-based crisis pregnancy centers?

By Dan Morain

California Senate Democrats blocked legislation intended to help low-income people avoid losing their cars because of high-interest pink slip loans. Legislators push a bill to declare conversion therapy fraudulent. Critics say it raises constitutional free speech questions.


Supreme Court voids California law, upholds free speech

By Dan Walters

The U.S. Supreme Court struck a blow for free speech when it struck down a California law that requires anti-abortion clinics to tell their clients about the availability of abortion services.

Billionaire Soros was a big loser in California vote

By Dan Walters

International financier George Soros has had some success in his dabbling in California politics. But he “hit a brick wall,” as he terms it, in trying to unseat three California district attorneys this year, and his support for challengers may have backfired.

California can’t sidestep federal tax impact

By Dan Walters

California will get hit hard by a new federal tax law that limits deductions for state and local taxes. California politicians had hoped to sidestep the law, but the Internal Revenue Service has squelched that notion.

Is Los Angeles Unified too big to fail?

By Dan Walters

Los Angeles Unified, the state’s largest school district, faces a financial meltdown and the question is whether all California taxpayers should bail it out.

Resistance State

Executive order or not, California sues over family separations

By David Gorn

Why sue now? Among the reasons: The executive order did not require that roughly 2,300 children be returned to their parents, or directly state the practice will end.

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