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Yes, a political action committee exists to legalize ferrets

By Dan Morain

A political action committee wants ferrets legalized as pets in California. Ferret PAC’s Patrick Wright hopes Gavin Newsom notices his group’s $125 donation.

Where charter schools’ campaign money went in the gubernatorial primary

By Dan Morain

Charter school advocates financed Antonio Villaraigosa’s campaign for governor with more than $22 million.

Newsom taps small donors. Cox wins retirees

By Dan Morain

Gavin Newsom ended June with $11.1 million in his campaign account, compared with John Cox’s $1.46 million, a total puffed up by $500,000 of Cox’s own wealth delivered on the last day of June.

Why Obama endorsed in a California Assembly race

By Dan Morain

Buffy Wicks was an early employee of Barack Obama’s first presidential run and an integral part of the White House effort to generate support for Obamacare.

Obama wades into California midterm—with a few surprises

By Ben Christopher

Barack Obama endorsed 81 Democrats across the country today—ten in California. Some were obvious choices. Others—both of omission and commission—not so much.

Kentucky’s governor stumps for John Cox

By Dan Morain

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin exhorted conservative donors at a Koch Network gathering earlier this week to donate to Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox, and called Democrat Gavin Newsom a “dirtbag,” a “joke” and an “embarrassment to public service.”

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