California voters will decide whether to repeal a 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax being used to finance construction and repairs for roads and highways.

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What is Proposition 6? Here’s a quick look at a measure on the November ballot that would repeal a recent hike to the California gas tax.

California’s aging roads and highways are in desperate need of repair. So last year, state lawmakers increased the gas tax—for the first time in more than two decades—to generate extra revenue for fixing roads and funds for transit projects and infrastructure upgrades.

But the tax has angered some Californians, who are now rallying behind Proposition 6, an initiative on the November ballot that would repeal the tax hike and other fuel and car fees, as well as require voter approval of any tax increase related to transportation. CALmatters’ campaign reporter Ben Christopher explains the controversy over the gas tax in one minute.

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Still not sure how you’ll vote on the gas tax repeal? We have more details on Proposition 6 and the other 10 ballot measures on our 2018 voter guide, where you can also find more information on the candidates who are running for statewide, legislative and congressional offices in California.

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