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Test your knowledge of the 2022 California election, state politics and other assorted trivia with a CalMatters crossword puzzle.

Everyone knows the California election ballot can be puzzling. Now it gets its own puzzle. 

If you’re looking to bone up on the 2022 ballot measures — or are just desperate to make the subject of kidney dialysis regulation fun — for the second general election in a row CalMatters has packed some prop-themed clues, other election knowledge and other assorted trivia into 86 clues.

This puzzle is for serious California election nerds: Can you fill it out in less than 15 minutes?

But it’s also for election newbies. Stuck? Feel free to get some help, we won’t tell! Click on the hyperlinks in the political clues or pop over to the CalMatters Voter Guide.

And if you like this puzzle, be sure to try out our quizzes on the propositions and on the candidates for state offices.

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